Transport supports for Ukrainian Refugees

A number of temporary transport measures are in place through the National Transport Authority:


Emergency Transport

Funding for ‘Emergency Transport’ to address transport requirements of refugees on arrival to a community to ensure successful integration can be provided.  For example, where refugees are being set up for Public Services Cards, health related transport or other emergency requirements can be considered.


Community/Once Off Funding

Funding for ‘once-off’ non regular public transport provision to alleviate a gap in transport service that could lead to exclusion or undue hardship for Ukrainian Refugees can be provided. The nature of this grant is that it is non-repetitive and once off in nature and not intended to be a regular public transport service. This community funding would facilitate both individuals and groups of refugees who as a result of a lack of transport are excluded from events and or activities that would promote social inclusion.


Examples of trips supported: –

  • Community Welcome Days
  • Social Trips identified by HSE, Inter Agency Working Groups
  • Once off Healthcare appointments where no other transport option is available or to provide access on to the public transport network for such appointments
  • Employment & Job Fairs including Local Employment Offices
  • Intercultural Events

Short Term Closed Transport/Feeder Services

Supplementary Transport including closed shuttle or feeder services can be considered where no other transport options are available. This application would suit a situation where some locations house a large number of refugees in remote areas with no transport connections or maybe the number of refugees requiring transport would overwhelm public transport.


For more information email – requests for transport funding is subject to approval by the National Transport Authority.


Other transport Supports


School Transport

School transport is under the remit of the Department of Education.  School principals may apply for transport for children attending their school who are residing in accommodation centres (or similar).

For more information visit     


Transport from one centre to another when refugees are relocating

The provision of transport from one centre to another when refugees are relocating is organised and paid for by IPAS.


IPAS essentially have 3 pillars of transport that they are managing:

  • Airport to City West;
  • City West to locations nationwide for housing; and
  • Nationwide relocation trips.

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